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Product name : PVC colored film


Good and stabilized color distribution ,high flatness ,hole-free and no flow-wave on film and easy lamination .All physical data are higher than national standard .Widely used in floor cover as wearing-resistant layer .

A: Surface Properties: Matte Glossy Transparent Translucent No pinholes No Bubbles No wrinkles No occluded air lay flat
B:Colors: Any colors
C:Roll Specification : Thickness :40Micron-220Micron Width:600mm-2200mm
Length : 80-3000m
D:Packaging: Inside protective foam ,outside pvc film wrapped ,with cardboard on two sides.
E:Standard or specific requirements: 16 Phthalates free .Non-toxic ,ECO-Friendly .our formulations depend on the requirements of customers: softness ,PHR ,UV property ,fire resistance and so on .

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